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John Nemeth

John Nemeth

Don’t try to snatch him back and hold him, he’s a man on the move. John Németh had already established himself among the very top ranks of blues musicians and modern soul singers when he decided to break the mold with his new record, FEELIN’ FREAKY. Németh fearlessly crushes all barriers of style and genre with an album of original songs that defies all the usual pigeonholes.

Albert Castiglia

Albert Castiglia

Born August 12, 1969 in New York, the son of a Cuban mother and Italian father, Albert Castiglia was a product of the city’s great melting-pot community. When Albert was 5, the family moved to Miami, Florida and at the age of 12, Albert took his first guitar lesson and a spark was lit that couldn’t be snuffed out.

RJ Howson

Fire branded in the Chicago blues circuit, roots rocker and bluesman RJ Howson picked up his skillful guitar chops performing and sharing the stage with blues icons and fellow musicians at Buddy Guy’s Legends, Rosa’s Lounge, Kingston Mines, BLUES on Halstead and many other clubs in the Windy City and playing countless shows all over the midwest. RJ continues to be steeped in the southern stews since moving to Florida with openers for Butch Trucks & the Freight Train Band, Dickey Betts & Great Southern, the Atlanta Rhythm Section, Molly Hatchet, Buddy Guy and a host of legendary musicians.

Reverend Berry and Funktastic Soul Featuring the Hellacious Horns

Reverend Barry & Funktastic Soul featuring the Hellacious Horns are an 8-pc funk band from Sarasota, Florida. The band was formed in 2013 by “Reverend” Barry Nicholson (bass and lead vocals), along with Chet Gass (guitar) and Paul Evers (drums). “Chet, Paul and I were in a cover band that played weddings every Saturday. It was eating our souls alive. After 3 years of playing brainless pop songs with 2 chords, something had to give. We decided to start a second band on the side to play the kind of music we wanted to play. All of us are huge fans of funky horn-centered bands like Earth, Wind & Fire and Tower of Power, so the decision to start a funk band with a horn section was an easy one”. says Nicholson.

Ship of Fools

For those of us who like to compare our favorite “Dark Star” performances but weren’t fortunate enough to score tickets to the Grateful Dead’s upcoming “fare thee well” shows in Chicago, local tribute band Ship of Fools is a nice substitute. Core members include Nate Howell on lead guitar, Turner Moore on mandolin and Ed Knaust on rhythm guitar. To commemorate The Dead’s 50th anniversary this year, Ship of Fools has recently been joining forces with bassist Mike Edwards and drummer Dan DeGregory of Uncle John’s Band, the Tampa-based Dead tribute act that formed in 1990. With a repertoire of several hundred songs, Ship of Fools can play multiple shows without repeats, following The Dead’s distinctive journey through rock, reggae, funk, bluegrass, folk, country, disco and gospel.

Rock Soul Radio

Just back from a European tour, Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio are a power blues quartet that is considered one of the best acts to have come out of Sarasota in a long time. Fronted by Twinkle, whose beautiful voice is complimented by a tight and talented band, Rock Soul Radio is a show you won’t want to miss!

Art Of Blues

When you hear the “Art of Blues” you know immediately you are listening to a group of musical veterans with deep musical roots who know what they are doing and who share their joy in doing it. Steve Arvey, Bill Buchman and their band have all individually earned their stripes playing with the best of the best ever since the early seventies.


Fogt’s Music Allstars is a who’s who of Sarasota’s best musicians. Fronted by Gwen Fogt, the band is comprised of masters, teachers, and luminaries who are part of the larger Fogt’s community. The band has been kicking off GHTB for more than a decade.